Time to Trade Up

In order to provide an accurate appraisal, the following information is required:


  • Front of vehicle

  • Drivers Side

  • Passenger Side

  • Rear of vehicle

  • Any damages to body panels (Dents, Scratches, Rust, etc.)

  • Each tire with coin in tread to show tread life

  • Interior Front

  • Interior Rear

  • Damages to interior (Rips, Tears, Burns, etc.)

  • Instrument cluster showing odometer reading

  • Vehicle identification sticker in driver door jam

Information about vehicle:

  • Trim level of vehicle (SE, Limited, EXL, etc.)

  • Engine size (4cyl., 6cyl. etc.)

  • Any missing items?

  • Has vehicle been smoked in?

  • Any performance modifications?

  • Air conditioning blow cold?

  • Brakes work properly? (Grinding, Squeaking, etc.)

  • Any warning lights? (Check engine light, Air bag light, etc.)

  • Any extended vehicle coverages? (Extended warranty, Paint & Fabric protection, etc.)

  • Has vehicle been in an accident requiring over $2,000 in repairs?

Appraisal values are an estimate until final vehicle inspection by our appraiser.

Please provide the information about your trade and we will contact you with your appraisal amount:

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